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One Year Later

One Year Later

By: Jessica Cusano

So many say, time will ease your pain,

That we ought only rejoice, in Heaven’s eternal gain.

But our own strength is just much too weak,

Our precious Lord we must fervently seek!

One beautiful summer day, our Dad was here,

Never did we dream, his earthly end so near!

A young man would blunder, his actions would sting,

No one could realize, the grief his error would bring!

A simple phone call to quickly alter the day,

Would Dad be called home? Or would he stay?

His doctors were great, they gave their best care,

The wounds he sustained, just too great to bear.

Three days we sat, grasping Dad’s swollen hand,

All the time seeing only two footprints left in the sand.

God’s plan was not ours, the time quickly came,

God carried him home, our lives never the same!

Our God could have healed him, if it was his will,

We prayed, “Lord intervene!” He sweetly spoke, “Peace, be still!”

Our God is sovereign, mistakes He just cannot make,

He is the giver of life, author of both give and take!

You know, what they say is not really true,

Time continues to pass, and alone, we’re still blue!

Only God gives such grace, to face each day,

He’s been so amazing, come whatever may!

As we sit there beside your breathtaking grave,

We watch the flags as they gallantly wave,

You told me once this place would be your home,

But it’s really just grounds for your family to roam.


 You would have been proud, your brothers were there,

Twenty one gun salute, full dress blues, your honor declare!

A proud Marine, faithful, always demonstrating, “I can!”,

Semper Fi, a precious tribute for a most deserving man!

While we truly rejoice that with Jesus you are,

Oft times we wish that Heaven wasn’t so very far!

We miss you, Dad!  You were simply the best!

But we’ll see you again, after we complete our quest.

We’re thankful for Jesus, a way He did make.

He came, lived, and died, just for our sinful sake!

We know you are with Him, His way you did choose,

Those who do not, they have all to lose!

But seek ye first, the kingdom of God,

A chosen generation, peculiar people, odd.

We cannot earn Heaven, His free gift we must receive,

By faith salvation comes, if we just ask and believe!

My Dad lived this story, his journey I share,

That you too find sweet rest, your burdens too great to bear!

Look to Jesus, the creator of all,

He’ll heal your heart, if upon him you’ll call!

To my sweet Dad, I miss you BIG much,

I’ll see you again, and feel your soft, sweet tender touch!

I say see you later, this was never goodbye,

I love you so much, as big as the SKY!

In loving memory of my precious Daddy, James Dale Cochran, who is safe in the arms of Jesus.

December 1, 1944 – July 21, 2013


This poem was written to be a gift to my Mom today. Very special thanks goes to Pastor David Beale for designing the layout and putting my project together for me!




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