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The sappy in me….

I have been told I can be sort of a “sappy” person. I don’t however really consider this to be a bad thing!! I looked up the definition of the word “sappy” and here is what Merriam-Webster.com had to say.
Definition of SAPPY
1 : abounding with sap
2 : resembling or consisting largely of sapwood
3 a : overly sweet or sentimental
b : lacking in good sense : silly

Now, definitions one and two are not what I am thinking when I use this word… 3 a and b both fit, however! 😉 It’s December now and the Hallmark channel becomes my FAVORITE in December. Why, you ask? Because it’s FULL of SAPPY Christmas movies!! Who doesn’t love a good, clean Christmas movie from the Hallmark channel? Well, besides MY husband and probably yours too! 😉 That’s ok, they don’t know what’s REALLY good for them anyway! 🙂

Another thing that might make me considered “sappy” are these blogs and things I find to read. It’s not that I set out looking for sad or sappy stories, but once I come upon them, I can’t help but to get all sucked in and read. Usually from beginning to end! Just last night I stumbled upon a story… a story that REALLY pulled at my heart strings!! I follow a lady on facebook who writes a cooking blog. Her page is called “The Baking addiction”. Stay away from her page if you know what’s good for you! 😉 Health-wise anyway! 🙂 I was reading a story on her blog, about a lady who had just very unexpectedly lost her husband. She is also a cooking blogger. Of course when someone loses a loved one everyone wants to know how they can help. This lady picked a day and asked that anyone who wanted to help honor her husband and his memory make a peanut butter pie on that particular day and enjoy it with their own families. That was his favorite. The food blogging world shared this idea around, and tons of peanut butter pies were made. The Baking Addiction posted a link to the lady’s page, and I’ll share it with you here. (http://www.injennieskitchen.com)

After reading Jennie’s story I felt completely heartbroken!! For this lady, for her two VERY young children! 😦 It doesn’t appear that this lady is a Christian, she needs lots of prayer. I don’t know HOW on earth you’d get through such an ordeal on your own, without God there to turn to. Jennie’s husband was not sick. There were not any outward indications that he might be facing death so soon. They were having a normal Sunday… at 4:30pm he was helping his daughter learn to ride a bike, and by 5:55pm he was dead. This could happen to any. one. of. us. And it could happen at. any. time! This leaves me with many thoughts!! One, is that we all need to be ready to meet God at any moment! For anyone who is waiting until “a better time” to get things settled with him, you might not get a chance to decide that there is a better time. This poor lady may never get a chance to see her loved one again. If he did not put his faith and trust in Jesus and ask him to forgive his sins and to save his soul and take him to heaven, they will never be reunited again. There aren’t any glad reunions in hell. Do it NOW, don’t delay, don’t put if off for another day!!!

Secondly, and the initial reason for my writing this post is… how would we treat our loved ones if we knew that today was their last day here on earth with us? If later today, we knew they’d be gone, that we wouldn’t have any more chances to make amends with them over disagreements. No more chances to tell them how much you loved them. No more chances to hug and kiss their face. Would you act differently with them for this day? Would the things that once bugged you SO much about them matter SO much anymore? Why is that? Why is it that we can’t always treat each other like it might be our last day with them? How different would this world be!! For one, we’d be completely UNselfish people. We wouldn’t mind if our loved one wanted to take some time for themselves and do an activity that they loved to do for a little while. We wouldn’t mind if they took just a few extra minutes to finish up something before coming to do whatever we were asking them to come do. We would want THEM to be happy… we wouldn’t be putting ourselves first!! What a concept. I know this is not rocket science… but it just really hit me hard last night. I got to thinking about MY husband and how much I love him!! How I want to make him happy!! I wouldn’t want to lose him and be stuck thinking about how awful I had treated him or how things weren’t that great those days before he passed. This situation could obviously be applied to any loved one in our lives. It was a challenge to me… a challenge to make SURE my family knows I love them!! My family is my LIFE and they are all I want and need. I need to make sure I am treating them like that!! 🙂 It’s so easy to get caught in the day to day, I am just as guilty (if not more) than the next person… but it’s just not right!! I need to apply “sappy” to my every day life!! And yes, I do do that sometimes, but I could sure spread a little more love, more often! 🙂

I don’t mean to be all “preachy” with this post… I am really just “preaching” to myself, if anyone at all. When I read stories like this, I can’t help but to want to just wring the neck of the world and say “LOOK PEOPLE!” To shout it from the mountain tops… Sometimes we just don’t know how good we have it! It’s not about the THINGS in our life… it’s about the people!! Don’t wait until those special people are no longer here to realize that!! If the world just had a big attitude adjustment, how pleasant a place we’d have to live with one another!!

I encourage you to read some of this lady’s story. To feel her raw emotion. To feel her broken heart. She felt like her life ended the day her husband passed away, as I am sure most of us would. She didn’t have a chance to make sure he knew she loved him. (it does sound like she did a pretty good job of that normally though!) Make a challenge for yourself… to treat those you love like it’s their last day on earth!! Just apply the basic golden rule… to “do unto others as you would have them do unto you!” Even just baby steps… just do one simple thing for someone that you know they’d really appreciate… it doesn’t have to be BIG or even cost a penny!! Maybe even spread the word… challenge others to do the same. What if this world started thinking about how others feel instead of worrying so much about *I* feel??? We could start a revolution!! A SELFLESS revolution!! 😀

Tonight I am making a yummy dinner for my family. A true comfort food meal. I decided to go the extra step to make MY husband happy. I am making homemade mashed potatoes for one of the side dishes. Homemade mashed potatoes are not *MY* favorite thing to make. It’s mostly laziness… and the fact that I, personally do not mind the ole 2 minute box of Betty Crocker instant potatoes! 😉 However, I KNOW my hubby likes them so much better homemade! And it’s much more economical to purchase that big ole bag of sale potatoes at the store that I can use for more than just this meal anyway, right?!?! It didn’t take me long to peel up those potatoes and cut them up and throw them in a pan of water to sit there and boil, without my attention. This is a simple act of selflessness… I want my hubby to be happy!! And guess what? In turn that makes ME very, very happy myself!! It’s not all hard things. We can start small!!

Live your life today, like you might not have tomorrow! Better yet… live your life today, like your loved ones might not have tomorrow!! ❤

"Whereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away." James 4:14


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