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My first-born turned eight years old today… eight seems SO old for a child (as least any child of MINE!)  A friend an I were talking about how eight seems SO much older than seven… it really does!  It’s sort of  a scary thing when *I* myself can remember being the age that one of my children are… time goes SO fast!!!  Eight is old, I can remember things from when I was around that age, and from here on out (and quite possibly even before now) she’ll be able to remember things up into her adulthood from right now!   I guess that means I can’t mess up as a mom anymore… hmmmmmm!  :/

My kids are all growing so very fast!!  I feel like it was just a little while back when I had Ainsley!   I can remember that day oh so well!  (UNLIKE the fact that I can hardly remember what I ate for breakfast most of the time these days!!! 😉 )        The doctors had tried to induce labor the entire day, because I was starting to have serious blood pressure issues and they wanted the baby to be born.  I never did dilate and ended up needing to have a c-section… it was a LONG day, I was given a lot of unpleasant medicines to help with the blood pressure issues, so I was extremely groggy and tired and had been through a lot.   I remember the nurse trying to instruct me on something after the birth and I kept falling sleep while she was talking.. ahh the memories of that day! 🙂   After Ainsley was born, all was well… she was born at 3:19pm, weighed 7lbs 13 oz and was 20 1/2 inches long!   She is now almost 5 feet tall!!!  Mike used to measure her under his chin… like saying she was from his chin to about half way down his chest, when she was just a baby… NOW, she is from his chin all the way down to his toes!!  When she stands, he is only the height of his head taller than her!  She may just pass him up one day!!! 😀

I had to be in the hospital for a few days because of the blood pressure and having had a c-section, but finally we were released.  I remember coming home and Mike, Ainsley and I laying on our bed and me thinking… “oh my goodness… I have a baby… WHAT where we thinking and what in the world do I do now?”   I was only 20 years old when I gave birth to Ainsley and had only been married 11 short months!!!   I wanted a baby more than anything… but I was young, and had NEVER taken care of a baby 24/7!  (Even though I had TONS of experience with babysitting… even some “live in”  babysitting… when I’d go and spend a week or more at a time with the family!)  I THOUGHT I knew everything about having children… that is until I had my own! 🙂    By the grace of God and lots of help and encouragement from friends and family along the way… we’ve made it!  Here we are EIGHT years later!!! 🙂  It’s unbelievable!!!

Ainsley is such a blessing!!  She is the best first-born child I could have ever asked for!  She was a GREAT baby… a super toddler/preschooler, she never really gave me any big problems… I was telling some friends the other day, I had NO stress just having one child… I can hardly even remember those days, we just did whatever, she was so go with the flow.   She has always been an excellent big sister, I can remember when Paige was born, Ainsley was 2 1/2 at the time and she’d get me diapers or wipes, whatever it was I needed, help entertain her, feed her bottle of  “mute-la” to her (what she called formula back then).   She’s always been an excellent helper!    One of my favorite words she had when she was younger was “chupet”… that was her word for Ketchup.  Those are some of the things I NEVER want to forget… it’s hard to remember the little things that made those first years so special!!! 🙂   Ainsley  has always been very teachable, a very fast learner!!  She does so well in school, it comes easy for her and I am thankful for that!  She definitely gets that from her daddy and I hope it stays that way!!!  She is so pleasant, even others say that… I guess THAT is how you know it’s for real, when she’s like that for others too! 🙂   Granted, she has her moments, she’s definitely not perfect, but she is a GREAT girl and I couldn’t ask for more!  😀   She has such a kind heart, (just don’t ask her sisters! 😉 ), she loves to please and wants to do what is right! (Usually :p )   She has the greatest, deep down, from the depths of the belly laugh, that comes out when she is really happy and someone makes her laugh!   You can’t help but laugh yourself when she laughs like that!!  She used to laugh so hard when she was little, that every single time you’d make her laugh she’d get hiccups and we’d have to be careful because she’d laugh until she threw up… I know not a pretty sight… but a sign of a HAPPY kid! 😉  (And yes, that was TOO happy for me! 😛 )

I truly have a special girl… born eight short, short years ago today!  I am thankful for that day, for these past eight years and for God’s protection and grace he’s given our family over the years!  Without him, we wouldn’t be where we are today… Ainsley wouldn’t be the girl she is today!!!   I pray Ainsley continues to grow in the Lord… she asked Jesus to come into her heart on August 16th 2008.   She has a desire to  learn more and asks questions all the time… that makes us as parents happy!

Parenting is by far the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do… but so worth every moment!!!  My girls are the world to me and I wouldn’t trade them or my husband for anything in the world!!!  I love them dearly!


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